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Intermediate Paraglider
This paraglider would be your first buy, very stable and forgiving. The latest generation paraglider has outstanding performance, is fun to fly and capable of good cross-country flights.

Sports Paraglider
This glider is for the more experienced Pilot with many hours in different conditions and on different sites. If this glider becomes unstable, it may do so faster, and the Pilots reaction will need to be faster.

Serial Class - Competition Paraglider
These gliders for high level competition Pilots, Normally DHV 2-3. Guide to buying a paraglider.

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Paragliding Harnesses
It's as important to choose the right harness as the right glider. The trend has moved from the large and heavy to small and light with the reversible type becoming popular. The reversible harness turns into a ruck sack and packs down very small saving weight, important when travelling.
All come with some type of back protection, air bag or foam or both, also carabineers and speed bar attachment are supplied, reserve container, pockets and adjustment.
Sizes depend on manufacture, S-M-L-XL.

New Paragliding Harnesess

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Paragliding Helmets
Should be light, strong and certified to EN966. Make sure it fits well and will not slide off your head. Open or full face, is a matter of choice. Black can be hot in the summer. Some helmets are now certified for both Air and Snow sports. The modern Paragliding helmet is now very practical and stylish.

New Paragliding Helmets

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Paragliding Reserve
This is your last chance when all else fails, know when and how to use it! Designed to be simple and open fast, as most deployments are at low level. Repacked and checked once a year, has a life span of 10 years. Again make sure you purchase the correct size and check the certification - DHV - Afnor or CEN as recommended by the BHPA.

New Paragliding Reserves

The Loft Workshop
Approved and recommended for All repairs - Annual Check-Overs - Line Strength Testing - Reserve Inspection & Repacking.
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