Paragliders landing on the beach at Olu Deniz in Turkey

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Cheap flights and generally good weather make Southern Europe ideal for Paragliding holidays. We have many years experience running paragliding holidays abroad to France, Spain, Austria, Greece and Morocco. To paraglide, beginners need gentle safe slopes and stable conditions, with the more Advanced Pilot requiring larger sites with conditions suitable for cross country flights.

A guide to Airsports Paragliding Holidays in Europe.

Complete Beginners
will require, stable, light wind conditions with little or no thermal activity, low slopes for the first few days and then higher sites with large landing and take off areas. France in May and September is normally ideal, Spain in November and February can be good.

Elementary to Club Pilot
paragliding Holidays abroad are perfect for completing your Club Pilot tasks. With good weather this can be achieved in one week and normally some thermal flying as well! Nearly all the guests on our paragliding holidays have met each other while training for their Elementary pilot and this makes for a fantastic atmosphere.

Club Pilot and beyond.
These Paragliding holidays are available to all our past students who are welcome on any trip. If you are not on our mailing list please drop us an email

where paragliding started, has more flying sites and schools than any other country in Europe. With grass slopes, stunning scenery and generally very good flying conditions.
is good for winter flying, generally October November, January and February can be good although the sites tend to be more rocky and less forgiving.

Paraglidng holiday group photo.Paragliding holiday group photo.
paraglider beach landing in spain. Paragliding beach landing in Spain
paraglider fly on holiday on the Dune de Pyla France. Paragliding holiday in France
paraglider fly on holiday in spain. 2000mt take off at Babadag in Turkey
paragliding students flying the pyrenees on holiday in FranceParagliding the pyrenees in France.
Paragliding by the MediterraneanParagliding by the Mediterranean.

We love flying abroad but please remember Paragliding abroad is not the same as paragliding in the UK and unless you only intend to fly abroad we would recommend taking your Elementary Pilot in the UK and then complete your Club Pilot on a holiday. Although the weather is generally more consistent abroad it is by no means guaranteed, There can be weeks with little or no training even in Southern Spain. Please call if you require further advise.

BHPA British licence.
As a BHPA school we can issue a British licence on completing your course.

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Free CP training abroad
available to Airsports students when purchasing recommended equipment.

Perfect for Club pilots wishing to thermal and experience XC flights
Under the guidance of Kelly Farina, British Nationals and international competition pilot.
Some of the most awesome flying with the best instruction. Prices start from £600 absolutely great value and highly recommended.

Short articles from past students
France by Steve Newcombe
Rob Simpson takes his glider on ski trip
Paragliding in Colombia by Tim Scott
Andy Davis in South Africa

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