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We specialise in Elementary and Club Pilot paragliding courses in the UK, with a good Instructor to Student ratio, making sure you have the right environment to progress quickly and safely as possible. We DO NOT teach large groups, stag or fun days, allowing our dedicated BHPA Instructors to give you the personal tuition you require, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, on our exclusive, all wind direction, private sites. Why Choose Airsports Paragliding School?

First the Elementary Pilot course, on average 4 - 5 days and then Club Pilot, about 5 days. The days do not have to be taken consecutively and once Club Pilot you can leave the school and fly unsupervised.


+ BHPA Membership*
Beginners paragliding course - Equipment provided - About 5 days.

This course offers excellent value for Beginners. Progressing through a series of exercises that start at the bottom of the hill and work up. On your first day you will learn ground control, inflating the canopy, walking it along the ground steering left and right, a little like flying a large kite. You should be flying solo by the end of the day. Once in control of your paraglider you can progress up the hill in stages, from level flights, straight at first then with some turns, then higher flights with controlled take offs, turns and spot landings. Training days do not have to be taken consecutively but must be taken within one year. This marks a recognised level of competence before Club Pilot and unsupervised flight, with some theory and a basic exam you now have Elementary Pilot.

Student on first day of the Elementary course inflating the glider. Inflating the glider.
Elementary course students inpecting the paraglider. Elementary course students inspecting the paraglider.
Elementary pilot student prepares for take off. Elementary pilot student prepares for take off.
Student on Elemantary course flying low level. Straight low-level-flight's to start.
Paraglider flying heigher with turns. We progress up the hill in stages with higher longer flight's and turns.
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The BHPA Club Pilot syllabus is set out as tasks such as slope and top landings, turns, rapid decent techniques, flying along a ridge for 10 to 20 minutes, landing back on the top and flying with other pilots. Some theory on air law and meteorology, of course some home study will help save time, followed by a multiple choice exam . Once completed and signed off in your log book you will receive your BHPA Club Pilot Rating. Recognised world wide you can now paraglide unsupervised at home and abroad. You can then Join our Free paragliding club and come flying with us while receiving extra guidance from familiar Instructors. summary of lessons.

BHPA membership
This is mandatory for all paragliding carried out in the UK.
Fees are collected on the day you start training.

From 1st April 2021- Three months £99 or one year £164.
Membership includes monthly Skywings Magazine and third party insurance.


Club Pilot Option 1 - New Equipment
The most popular option.
Complete your Elementary Pilot using school equipment then buy your own equipment including Club Pilot training. This gives you time to decide if paragliding is for you before investing in equipment and allows you to train on the equipment you will fly before you leave the school.
New equipment from  £3599 including Club Pilot tuition.

Club Pilot Option 2 – Used Equipment
Complete Elementary Pilot using school equipment and then buy second hand equipment from us.
Second hand equipment from £1800 including Club Pilot tuition.

Club Pilot Option 3 - On a budget or just require training.
Learn using our equipment or buy equipment elsewhere and just pay for tuition.
Club Pilot course using school equipment  £740

FREE tuition and equipment.
New recommended equipment is supplied with the latest certification and manufactured to a high standard by established international companies providing a warranty.
Second hand equipment is normally available through the school during the summer and will also include Club Pilot tuition. Tuition may vary depending on your purchase so if you are interested in the new or used options please contact us for full details and to be included on our mailing list.

Training and equipment is subject to availability so please contact the office for details
either on 01903 879241 or email

A selection of New Equipment
A selection of Used Equipment. Posted by pilots

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